Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks

I’ve had this product for a few months now and to be honest I’m quite a big fan. I went in search of a new cream blusher when my old fave (one from Clarins was discontinued). Sometimes it can be annoying when your faces are disco’d but in this case I was pretty happy to go in search of something new. I purchased the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose. I usually layer this product underneath a powder blush if I’m at home but it’s also a great size to keep in your purse for touch ups or for days when you just plain forget to out some blush on. It instantly makes you look brighter and more awake.

I did do some reading about this, apparently Bobbi Brown revamped Tia product maybe 18 months ago and went from a pot that contained 3 times more product to the new package which has a flip top and the cover contains a mirror.

I hadn’t tried the old format but I like how this one is super portable and easy to use. Since it’s a cream product I don’t really mind replacing it more frequently. I feel like it’s more sanitary that way.
Also it seems like the colours were refreshed.

Overall I’m happy with the product and cream blush is somewhat hard to come buy, I definitely give this two thumbs up!




February Julep Maven Box 2014

I just received my February Julep Maven box. I’m generally partial to creme nail colours, but lately Julep has really focused on shimmery and glittery polishes. I’m really happy with my February box. I stuck with the pre-curated February boho glam box which came with Rooney- and walnut creme nail colour which is really great and neutral. I also received Cameron – a shimmery pale lilac that dries with a matte finish. This month all mavens Also received “love” a golden shimmery polish with pink sparkles (which would be a nice layer on many warmer nail colours). The beauty product this month is an eye shimmer. It’s kind of like a liquid eye colour that you can apply with your fingers. I went with deep bronze, but it comes in 3 other colours as well. The product comes in a small pot 0.15 oz in size. I’m okay with that, in my experience eye shadows last a long time!

I’m super happy with this box. At $19.99 + taxes its really good value.





Happy New Year!

Lots has changed since my last blog post. I’m still receiving my fab Julep maven boxes. I’ll post a review on my February box when it arrives.

I got married. Yup tied the knot. And I’m preggers… Due mid to end of May. Needless to say that even though I’m going to be a mom I think I’ll still love products so I will post more product reviews.

Right now I’m super thankful because thanks to my regular use of Kiehl’s products I’m not breaking out at all despite the crazy hormones!

I’ll post about the cool products I’ve discovered in the last few months so stay tuned!

Julep Maven September 2013 Box

This month was a pretty exciting month for me and my Julep Maven subscription. Firstly, this month, my subscription arrived quicker than it ever has. I received my delivery on Sept 5th! It was really exciting. The second most exciting thing, is that I had decided to upgrade to the entire collection. Having just received it, I’m delighted by everything. This month’s collection was really great.

This September the collection is called “CityScape”. I received 9 polishes and 2 full size beauty product, and I also treated myself to this month’s limited edition colour as well, so I received 10 polishes in Total.

The It Girl Profile – is comprised of 3 polishes: Candace (a golden chocolate micro-glitter, which on me looks bronze) , Catrina – an opaque marigold yellow creme, and Josephine – a deep teal grey creme. In this selection, the Candace is my favourite.

The Bombshell Profile – is made up of Daria – a dark slate grey creme and Karmen – a golden crimson micro-glitter (this looked like red with warmish sparkly tint).

The Classic with a Twise profile – is made up of Florence – a classic camel creme, and Padma – a royal plum creme

The Boho Glam profile – is made up of Kristy – a midnight blue creme and Tatiana – a burnt orange micro-glitter.

The Modern Beauty profile – made up of 2 full size beauty products. This month it was Bare Face – a fabulous cleansing oil that rinses super clean (a must try), and Blank Canvas – a mattifying face primer (30ml). I really loved both of these products.

My final treat was the September limited edition colour – Reece – a purple toned holographic shimmer.

I’m really looking forward to creating some fab manicures with this collections. I’m super happy.

If you’re interested in trying this subscription, click through on my referral link below. Other details: it’s $19.99 per month, and includes shipping to the US or Canada. Taxes applied at checkout. If you want to try this for free use FBFREE or FREEBOX at checkout.







Dior New Look Mascara Review

I purchased this Dior Mascara a little while ago, and didn’t get around to opening or trying it until recently. I love the packaging, like other Dior cosmetics it comes in a silver cardboard box. It looks super luxe.

I was surprised at the wand when I opened the mascara. The brush is very small and the “prongs” are spaced apart. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just wasn’t expecting it.

Also, I really like the look of dramatic full lashes.

I thought this mascara was only ok. Because of the tiny brush, it makes it easier to get to the hard to reach lashes in the corners of the eyes, and it also helps to coat bottom lashes easily for the same reason.

To be honest, I didn’t notice anything particularly spectacular about this product. It did go on evenly, but because the brush is smaller it takes longer to apply and coat each lash.

Pros: Small Brush, gets into small corners, coats lower lashes evenly

Cons: Small Brush, application takes a long time, price tag $35 CAD! That’s a lot for mascara.

For a prestige brand mascara, I’d rather buy something from Lancome, as a Lancome mascara runs closer to $26 to $28 a tube.

If price isn’t a consideration, then this is a pretty good mascara.





August Julep Maven Box

So I received my Julep Maven Box early in August (probably around the 8th). Since I live in Canada, this box ships from Seattle, to California then up to me, so if you’re a Julep Maven up here it takes an extra 7 to 10 days to get here. I was really excited about this month’s box, so it felt like absolutely forever.

My profile is boho glam, so I received Lois – a dusty rose frost, and Francis – a celery green creme. I was super excited about the colours, and opted to add Fiore – an espresso brown creme, and Lacey – a midnight blue with purple shimmer. So far, I’ve used everything except the Francis colour. But I really like their creme finishes.

All the textures in this batch apply beautifully. But the best part, is that the polishes are toxin free!

This month’s box also came with a product called DoubleStep, which is a foot treatment & friction stick. To be honest i haven’t tried this yet, b/c I have been wearing my summer sandals, with no risk of getting blisters on my heels. It’s supposed to prevent blisters.

I’m looking forward to seeing what my September delivery looks like!


Bourjois Cosmetics

It’s been a long time since I posted, largely because I spent 2 weeks in Scotland at the end of July.  From a beauty product standpoint, I didn’t come across too many innovations.  I did learn that you can buy an at home laser hair removal machine at the drugstore, and they were sold out?!?  (My friend from HK, was looking for one).

Anyways, I spent some time looking at Bourjois Cosmetics.  Some interesting facts, it’s available in Canada, at some Shoppers Drug Mart locations.  It’s pricing is higher than drug store stuff, like maybelline, but cheaper than prestige brands.  A mascara in Canada from Bourjois will run about $19 to $20, which is middle of the road, if you consider that Lancome mascara is about $26 to $28 per tube, and you buy something from L’Oreal or Maybelline for somewhere between $6 and $13, and sometimes less when it’s on sale.

Bourjois is a brand owned by the owners of Chanel cosmetics.  Often the products are quite similar (score), and come highly recommended by the ladies who worked at Boots.  I was in there during a 3 for 2 special, so I picked up mascara (mascara), a couple of Kohl eyeliners, and their signature eye make up remover (in Canada its $20 for a bottle, in the UK, a mere 4.99 pounds).

I’m a big fan of Bourjois, I really like their Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow palettes (their eyeshadows are baked, and last forever!), I like their mascaras, and eyeliner too.  My current go to is their Kohl and Contour Liner.  And I absolutely love love love their eye makeup remover.  Even at $20 a bottle it’s a steal, for 200ML.  I’m a big eye make up wearer, so this stuff is necessary.  I’ll post reviews on the individual products later.