Emjoi Micro-pedi Power Review

Truth be told, I actually got this device a few months ago, so this review is long over due.

With a new baby and winter in our midst, I don’t have a lot of time to get to the nail salon as regularly for mani/pedis.  This device is a life saver for dry skin.  I use this specifically on my heels.  I’m also a not a big sock-wearer.  I blame many years of avid yoga practice, but seriously, I just prefer to be bare-footed.  Walking around bare foot can lead to additional dryness on the feet.

This device works really well.  I noticed an immediate difference with my first use.  It literally takes seconds to use, and in fact, I think you’re better off using this device for about a minute daily to get prolonged improved results, rather than using it for a long time once in a while.  I keep this stored in my bathroom where an outlet is readily accessible.  It is also really easy to clean.

As far as devices go, I think being easy to use, delivering effective results and being easy to clean are pretty well-defining and probably everything I look for in a beauty device to invest it.  Totally give this a thumbs up.

I believe the Micro Pedi is more popular, as it’s battery powered.  I have this item as well.  I’ll post a comparison review about these 2 devices shortly.


February 2015 Julep Maven Box Unboxing

It seems I’m on fire these days with my blog posts!  It’s nice to be getting back up to date :)  What’s also really exciting is that I received my box today Feb 2 (despite a snow storm), and it was originally tracking to arrive on Feb 6.  So this is a big win and a fabulous surprise!

So this month’s collection is called the afterglow collection, featuring their glow highlighting powder and illuminator.

My profile is boho glam, which would have contained Brandis (a teal), and Hazel (a duo-chrome purple/violet colour with bronze tinged chrome), and the highlighting powder.  Since I recently upgraded to the customizable box, I kind of feel obligated to customize my box.  Although Brandis is a really pretty teal, it looked pretty close to couple I already have.  Hazel is pretty, and I’m thinking about adding it to my wish list.

I opted for the highlighting powder, the fan brush and Keiko (charred olive shimmer).  I don’t have anything olive in my collection so I went with this.

Other colours I really like are Colton (described as black iris) and carla (a light pink creme).

Since I now prepay for my subscription in 3 month blocks, it’s hard redeem jules for the box (you have to call CS and they manually do something to help you), which is fine, I guess, but I think I’ll just use them for add ons.

I also selected the new illuminator product (illume eye brightener) in champagne.  This product is meant to distract the eye from shadows.  It’s not really a concealer though.  I’m a little obsessed with eyes, so this was on my must-try list.

I also selected the other 2 metamorphic top coats released last month.  I received Tilda (green tinged) in my January box for free, so I ordered Bjork and Tyra (blue tinged, and magenta tinged). Tyra had the most mixed reviews, but it’s the last one of the three so I went with it anyway.

Also this month, Julep gifted maven’s with hartleigh, a super cute topcoat with heart shapes and glitter in it.  And as a gift for selecting 3 add-ons, I received Queen Anne ( a lilac confetti micro glitter released in August 2014), and Tatiana (a sparkly burnt orange from Sept 2013), nice but I have 2 already.  Tatiana is pretty, but I don’t have a need for this many.

I’m overall really happy with my box, a little disappointed that Julep keeps giving Tatiana away as their gift for adding 3 products to your monthly box, as this is how I got my second one, and how I ended up with a third.

Either way, I feel like I made out like a bandit, because I only ended up paying $19.99 USD for this, since I redeemed Jules for my add-ons.

If you want to check it out, here’s a link to Julep.


It’s a fabulous subscription service, they give you your first box free, and always have great deals available for their mavens!





January 2015 Maven Box

So this month, my box arrived super quick, (much quicker than the time it took me to write up this post).  I’m pretty sure this arrived around January 3rd-ish.  In any case, I’m making the most of my  “My Maven” subscription, so I had to customize.

As a side note, I’m in the process of organizing and cataloging my nail polishes, since I somehow seem to have amassed a collection of about 100 (give or take), so I definitely need a tracking system, and a way of using all this nail polish!

I went with Margit, a shimmery mushroom colour, and 2 lip luxe treatment glosses.  It’s super cold here in Toronto during the winter, so that seemed like a great choice.  I ordered the coral and magenta glosses.  I love them both.  I’ve read complaints that they taste bad.  I’m kind of neutral on that front.  The gloss is flavourless in my opinion, but I’m not a big fan of scented product, so the lack of scent doesn’t really bother me.

The lip luxe treatments are really, really sheer.  On me, I couldn’t really see the colour.  In terms of looking put together, you definitely need a lip colour product underneath, otherwise it looks kind of bare.

Either way, I’m happy with my box.

To subscribe, use this link, the first box is free!  It’s totally a subscription service and so worth it!



December 2014 Julep Maven Box

Everytime the Maven window opens, I must admit that I get pretty excited.  Julep launched the My Maven (customizable Maven subscription this past April), and until now I didn’t bother to upgrade, because I like getting a surprise and often end up with a colour that I wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.  But now my collection has grown, and I feel like I have room for what I love, so I decided to take the plunge.

Pros of the upgrade, you need to be diligent and make your swaps, it doesn’t seem like good value just to keep what they would send you and pay $5 more.  But I think I can commit to that.

For this month, my profile would have been Boho Glam, but none of those polishes appealed to me, nor did their new orbital eyeshadows.  How am I supposed to declutter with this maven subscription (says Faye to herself).  Anyways, they also launched a new silk top coat, which has been on my wish list of new items they should make.  I love the silk and satin finish nail polishes they have, and they just don’t look right topped with a matte top coat and get too shiny with a high shine top coat.

I upgraded to my maven, mostly so I could get the top coat as a part of the box rather than as an add on (so I saved myself $6.99 – in my head).  I also have a mascara addiction, so I added the go big mascara that launched last month and got Paula, one of the new December polishes.

Paula is kind of between blue and purple with some shimmer.  I’m excited to try this one.

(Sorry for the late post)

Lancome Holiday Beauty Collection 2014 Review

Apparently every year Lancome launches a new Holiday Beauty Collection.

This year the collection is amazing and comes in 2 choices.  Party Plums and Chic Neutrals.

In my head, I totally thought I would go for the Neutral Chic, but when I saw them in person, I went with the Party Plums Collection.  Here’s why:

Although, I don’t mind brown eyeliner, I will get more use out of the black eyeliner that comes in the Party Plums Collection.  The Hypnose Drama mascara was also calling my name.  The lipsticks in the plum collection also were nicer in my opinion.  The product that I think was nicer in the Chic Neutrals, was the blush, but I tend to lean towards warmer brighter blushes.  Plum eyeshadows also look really good on brown eyes, and I think they are more interesting than brown toned eyeshadows.  I also love the train case this comes with!

This collection is great value, at $65 CAD, you get all kinds of product for less than the cost of the mascara and the cils booster XL (mascara primer).  It’s been a while since I’ve used Lancome shadows, when I last used them, they weren’t as pigmented as I like, but it’s been a few years.  In my opinion, Lancome mascaras and juicy tubes are their best products, but I’m willing to give their other products a try again.  You can pick this collection up for $65 with a purchase of another product (so I went with another mascara) at Shoppers Drug Mart and the Bay.  On Lancome.ca you need to spend $50 to pick this up for $65.

The Chic Neutrals Collection contains: Full sizes of Définicils, Cils Booster XL, Color Design Sensational Effects Lip in Natural Beauty, Color Design Sensational Effects Lip in Sugared Maple, Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee (brown), Juicy Tube in Simmer, Blush Subtil in Blushing Tresor (warm peach), Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in Mannequin, Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in Kitten Heel, Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in Vintage, Bi Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover plus a Dual End Liner & Shadow Brush and a Deluxe Sample of Advanced Genifique.

The Party Plums Collection contains: Full sizes of Hypnose Drama, Cils Booster XL, Color Design Sensational Effects Lip in Love It, Color Design Sensational Effects Lip in Curtain Call, Juicy Tube in Magic Spell, Le Crayon Kohl in Black Ebony, Blush Subtil in Plum Affaire, (blu-ish toned pink) Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in Successorize, Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in All that Brightens, Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold in Colour du Jour, Bi Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover plus a Dual End Liner & Shadow Brush and a Deluxe Sample of Advanced Genifique.

I will include pics of the Party Plums Collection shortly.

Oct and Nov Julep Maven Box 2014

It’s been a while since I wrote.  I received my October Julep maven box weeks ago.  I went with the Boho Glam, and received a new lip gloss colour (polished), and Briana, and Marla.  Briana is described as a sailor blue, which is pretty true to the description.  Marla is a really pretty yet sophisticated burgundy colour with sparkle.  I’ve really been into reds and pinks lately so I really love this.

For November, I went with the Bombshell profile selection.  In November, I really liked one colour from each profile, so it’s one of those times I wish I went with the customizable my maven option.  In the end, I went with bombshell, mostly because I was so curious about Jessie.  The description calls it Kalamata…it turns out its a deep dark purple, that reminds me most of OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, which was a favourite colour of mine for years.  Fazia is a metallic dark crimson colour.  I really like that also.  I really wanted to try the Go Big! Mascara, but this particular box came with “Length Matters” their new lengthening mascara.  I’m a mascara fiend, so I’m pretty happy with my box overall.





Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free

This Foundation was the first product I tried in the Hourglass line up.  My skin has a tendency to be shiny so I love the mattifying effect of this foundation.  I went to Sephora to be colour-matched, and it matched me with beige in the Mineral Veil Fluid Make Up Oil Free Broad Spectrum SPF 15 foundation (review on that to follow).  The cosmetician helping me said that the beige in this formula would also match.  I bought this is beige and warm beige, mostly because in the summer my skin tone becomes a bit more tanned, and I figured I can mix them to get the right shade up until the fall winter season.  I’m glad I did.  The beige in this formula is a bit lighter than it is in the other.

This is the formula I choose if there are potential photo ops, it keeps the shine down, and is velvety in texture.  But mixing of the shades is a bit cumbersome.  Overall, I really love it.

According to Hourglass/Sephora this is “A breakthrough liquid-to-powder foundation formula that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections, and delivers a long-lasting, velvet-matte finish.”

What it does:
This high-tech foundation incorporates cashmere kaolinite clay, which offers exceptional oil absorption—absorbing 75 percent of its weight in sebum while retaining the skin’s natural moisture. The oil-free, humidity-proof, and water-resistant formula transforms instantly from liquid to powder creating an all-day finish that camouflages imperfections and never looks dull or flat. Immaculate’s superfine treated pigments provide unsurpassed coverage without looking cakey or mask-like, and effectively eliminate the need for powder, blotting, or constant touch-ups throughout the day.

Apparently there are anti-aging properties in this foundation.  I wasn’t able to tell, but I love the finish, and am a bit hooked on Hourglass products as a result.

I’ll post some swatches shortly.